Wooden frame house construction technologies



Thanks to the modern technologies, nowadays, the construction of timber frame houses is developing rapidly, therefore, the building can be constructed in a much shorter time, as well as construction costs can be saved. The technologies which are used today, in terms of speed and durability, allow timber frame buildings to compete with concrete and brick buildings. The timber frame panels used in building construction are relatively lightweight, so there is no need to form a solid foundation, and this reduces the cost of building the foundation of a building. The timber panels are made of natural materials – mainly wood. It is an organic material that responds to climate change and room temperature fluctuations. In a newly built timber frame house, wood remains alive for ten years and even longer. Wood turns up in high humidity, while in the case of excessive dryness it shrinks. Therefore, when constructing a timber frame house, it is necessary to take into account the drying process of the wood and to provide an air gap (the ventilation gap) between the panels and the finish of the facade.


The company “Northouse” complies carefully with the quality and precision requirements when designing the construction elements of timber frame houses. Most timber frame elements are produced in the factory, making it easier to install panels and reduce the risk of making mistakes under the influence of the human factor. The constructions of timber frame buildings are panels for floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs. Each panel contains about 70% of construction wool and 30% of wood. Wood in combination with construction wool ensures high thermal insulation and ecologist for the timber frame houses. In the construction of wooden frame houses, the company uses modern technological and architectural solutions, as well as various construction materials, providing the technologically correct application.

Assembly and finish works

The assembly operations of timber framing structures can be carried out at any time of the year, even in winter. The assembly takes 1-3 days, and immediately thereafter the roof installation and facade finishing works are performed. The technologies used in the construction of timber frame houses are suitable for the climatic conditions of Latvia, as well as they comply with the requirements for the construction of the building according to individual projects.







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